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Instructions for registering students for Balavihar for 2018-2019

        The registration process involves first logging into the Balavihar web site with a userid which is also recognized by the temple web site. Once you have a Balaviharuserid established the rest of the process is self-explanatory.

Step1: Logging into the Balavihar web site. Please click on the Red admissions button on the right had top corner of the home page.
1) Returning Balavihar students from 2017-2018

        Login with your Email and password. If you don’t have the password use the link to retrieve your password. Once you login the system will ask you to enter your phone number. Please make sure to enter the phone number that you have registered with Ganesha temple site. (If you don’t know your phone number entered in the temple web site - please call the temple front desk at 615-356-7207. Once system will verify you email id and phone number then, it will allow you to login. Please login again.

2) New members or parents who don’t have a temple registered email/phone number.

        If you have not registered with the Ganesha Temple site before, you need to register with the main temple web site. Please call the front desk at (615) 356-7207 or stop by at the Balavihar registration desk in front of the auditorium on Sundays through May 1st. Once you have a userid and password and the phone number you can create a Balaviharuserid and move forward with the registration process.

Step2: Registration Process

        Once you are registered and are able to login to the Balavihar web site, please follow instructions on the web site to sign up your child(ren) for religious and language classes. The web site also allows you to enter information for new students who have previously not registered for Balavihar previously.

        If you have any questions/difficulties please stop by the Balavihar registration desk at the entrance of the temple or send an email to